For tourists and foreigners

Welcome to our city, no matter if you are planning to visit Gomel or you are already here!  On this page I would like to point and mark places, events or just people that are #English.Friendly. The idea is to mark such places with #English.Friendly tag or mark them on the map.

Then it is also a city guide and simple to do lists about where to go and what to do.

Please check the web site later for

1. Ride a bicycle – where to go ? (post cooming soon)

2. Gomel Couchserfers and Gomel in Couchserfing (post coming soon) #English.Friendly

3. Visit English Club Meeting on Sunday or Thursday. Check out our group on Facebook or VK. (post coming soon) #English.Friendly

4. Visit Gomel Park (post coming soon)

if you have logged into facebook recently, you may have noticed a large number of cartoon strips cluttering up your newsfeed
Кирилловка частный сектор на сдам в Кирилловке квартиру, дом, комнаты.

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