Spring in Gomel

Sitting in the office I just realize how beautiful this spring is in our city. An apple tree has started flowering outside my office window. It totally reminds me the last spring in the US where so many trees blossom with white and pink flowers.

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The First Blog about Gomel in English

The time has come for the WORLD to know about us :)

Hi there! We are a group of people from Gomel who are keen on English and in love with our city. So we took a chance to combine these two things. Please welcome THE FIRST BLOG about Gomel in English.

Why do we do that?

We honestly believe that you don’t really need money to learn the language. We regularly meet on Sundays and discuss different things at Gomel English Club thus we’re practicing our speaking skills. This blog is a good way for English Club members and all concerned to develop writing skills in English. And who knows, maybe, it will play a crucial part in your life or career.

Besides improving your own writing skills, this blog will help foreigners know a lot about our city due to your posts, photos, comments, reviews and articles. So We Think Global and Act Local!

What can you post here?

ANYTHING…. that concerns the city, its people, events that take place in Gomel. The only rule – your posts should be in English. Don’t worry if your knowledge of English leaves much to be desired, we all are here to learn and share. Feel free to ask for help.

Do you have any questions, suggestions, ideas?

You can leave your feedback in comments to this post or in our group on facebook or vk

Have a nice day!

P. S. I am personally looking forward to reading your interesting posts :)

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